About Us

If you care about the taste of your food, Cheese It Pizza is the only place to go.
We pride ourselves on using fresh ingredients and keeping our prices affordable for our customers.
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Taste Driven

The best pizza you’ll ever have is made with our family recipes, the freshest local ingredients, and the kind of love that makes our pizza taste like your first one!


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Made the Quality Way

Our pizza is deeply satisfying, uncompromisingly delicious, and made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Made from scratch by our talented chefs. Come for the food, stay for the fun and friendly service!

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Family of Creators

Our mission is to make everyone feel like family, From the moment you come through our doors with your friends and family or when you place your first order.

Our Happy Clients!

"I am so happy to have discovered about you. This is the most delicious pizza I have ever taste and you can really tell the difference in quality of ingredients."​
Ron Burnwood
"I love pizza and I've tasted a lot of it. For me to say that this is the best pizza I've ever had speaks volumes! The sauce is delicious, the crust is perfect, the cheese is amazing and there are so many choices for toppings."​
Lily Granger​
"We ordered the Supreme Gourmet Pizza because it was everything we were craving and more. The crust is so good! They really know how to make a good crust. The sauce is incredible, some of the best we've tried."​
Jeson Foxx

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About Us

We use the freshest ingredients to make exceptionally delicious food that is sure to satisfy your craving for Pizza.

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